Was er vorige maand al sprake van de invoering van camera's in de Engelse klaslokalen, nu zijn dan de gezichtsscanners aan de beurt. Onder het mom van ondermeer kortere rijen voor de lunch etc. wordt het Big Brother regime steeds verder uitgebreid. Maar als je verder leest, zie je dat het systeem ook gaat worden gebruikt om laatkomers te registreren.


Face scanners to speed up pupil registration and queues for lunches were helping to create a Big Brother regime in schools, it was claimed yesterday.

Infra-red recognition systems - similar to those introduced at passport controls - are able to scan children's faces as they approach the school entrance. They can also recognise them as they buy dinners or borrow library books.

Aurora, the biometric firm which has developed the system, will begin trials of its product in St Neots Community College, Cambridgeshire next week. The school will initially use the technology to help them identify late-comers.

But the use of facial recognition systems in schools merely for administrative convenience was condemned by campaigners, who attacked Big Brother-style surveillance and warned about the risk to pupils of identity theft.

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