Binnen Europa zijn er grote verschillen als het gaat om dataverlies bij bedrijven, maar het verschil tussen Europa en de Verenigde Staten is nog groter. Onderzoek, gehouden in Duitsland, Frankrijk en Groot-Brittannië, brengt in kaart hoe groot het percentage van de bedrijven is waar in de afgelopen maanden sprake was van dataverlies. Dit betreft verlies of diefstal van persoonsgegevens zoals consumentendata, gegevens van medewerkers enzovoort.

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New identity fraud figures published today [1] show that one quarter of the headline £1.2 billion ‘cost’ of ID fraud is actually the direct cost of the Identity & Passport Service, because Home Office figures include anything they deem to be “prevention” as part of the cost of fraud.

Meg Hillier MP this morning used the launch of National ID Fraud Protection Week to reiterate dubious claims that the National Identity Scheme ('ID cards') would help prevent identity fraud. The minister's irrelevant spinning contrasts with the sensible prescriptions offered by industry figures on the same press release – such as, "Preventing ID fraud is mainly about good housekeeping" (the Post Office's head of security).

The Home Secretary will round off the Labour Party conference by re-announcing "ID cards for foreigners".  A system of biometric visas is being introduced for some foreign residents from November, but it is not really part of the National Identity Scheme, which has not been built yet.[1]  This fact does not stop the government using the words "ID cards" together with a sly appeal to xenophobia, to buttress support for its unpopular [2] scheme.
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