In Engeland hebben ze weer iets nieuws bedacht. Gescheiden vaders die geen alimentatie betalen, kunnen hun paspoort of rijbewijs kwijtraken. Dit kan worden gedaan door overheidsinstellingen die dit zonder tussenkomst van de rechter kunnen doen. Dat kan nu alleen met tussenkomst van de rechter.


Child support dodgers to lose passports and driving licences

Absent fathers who fail to pay towards their children's upbringing could have their passports and driving licences summarily seized by bureaucrats. It represents the first time civil servants and Government agencies will be able to bypass the normal legal process in this way.

At present, the Child Maintenance and Enforcement Commission must apply to the courts to have a negligent father's driving licence or passport cancelled. But under legislation being unveiled by Work and Pensions Secretary James Purnell tomorrow, civil servants will be able to sign the orders themselves.

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