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DPP vindicates privacy campaigners - on the paranoia of the stalker state

The concerns of privacy campaign NO2ID [1] are vindicated by the statement of the outgoing head of the CPS who has slammed the paranoia and fear driving the government's attempts to create a database-powered surveillance state. NO2ID welcomes and supports his remarks as just the latest warning from a high profile figure repudiating the government's totalitarian approach [2]. 

The Director of Public Prosecutions, Sir Ken Macdonald, attacked the "paraphernalia of paranoia" of an increasingly security-obsessed government that seeks to claim greater and greater powers of surveillance. His implied targets included the National Identity Scheme, the proposed telecommunications database in the Communications Data Bill, 48 days detention and other planks of government policy [3].

Politicians, he warned, should “take very great care to imagine the world we are creating before we build it. We might end up living with something we can't bear."

After Sir Ken's appearance on Channel 4 News (Monday, 20/10/08) Guy Herbert, NO2ID General Secretary, agreed with his sentiments but said:

"Sir Ken is too generous by half. His calls for balance, vigilance and debate are mistaken in the face of a government that looks for any possible opportunity to collect information on the citizen, then suggests anyone who disgrees is somehow an accessory to terrorism, or paranoid."

"Privacy campaigners want to live in a trusting society with fair and controlled investigative powers. We are the ones asking for evidence and rationality. It is the stalker state - driven to try and watch everyone, everywhere, all the time - that is addled by fear and paranoia."


Notes for editors:

1) NO2ID is the independent, non-partisan, cross-party campaign against the National Identity Scheme and the database state.

See http://www.no2id.net/dbstate.php for a list of 'database state' initiatives that NO2ID is actively opposing. 

2)  See also, for example the remarks of Dame Stella Rimmington, "Response to 9-11 was huge over-reaction' Guardian interview, 18 October 2008


3)  CPS Lecture - "Coming out of the Shadows"  20 Oct 2008  


See also, "Centuries of British freedoms being 'broken' by security state, says Sir Ken Macdonald" - Telegraph, 20/10/08. Also Channel 4 News, same date.


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