As we celebrate the human rights legacy of the last 60 years, the right to a private life is threatened more than ever.

As they prepare to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, European governments must do more than just congratulate themselves on the continued appeal of fundamental freedoms. Our right to respect for private life is at risk from undue interference by state agencies.

Surveillance systems no longer just watch. High-definition CCTV is combined with face-recognition software; motorway cameras can read car licence plates and track selected cars; a new generation of satellite-based surveillance tools are being developed; computer programs can monitor, screen and analyse billions of calls and emails simultaneously, in real time; and new software can supposedly identify "suspicious behaviour" or "hostile intent".

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Hackers zijn erin geslaagd het systeem van Worldpay te kraken en de informatie van 1,5 miljoen gebruikers te stelen die de afgelopen twintig jaar de diensten van de betalingsprovider gebruikten. Het gaat met name om gebruikers van betaalkaarten en cadeaubonnen. Daarnaast bevatte het systeem ook de betaalgeschiedenis van de afgelopen twee decennia.

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Innocent British citizens may be drawn into foreign criminal investigations after the Government agreed to EU-wide access to its 'Big Brother' databases, the Conservatives have warned.

All 26 other member countries will be able to check against sensitive personal information held on driver registration, DNA and fingerprint computer systems.

Where there is a match, a suspect-could be extradited to face trial abroad or - at the least - be forced to explain their movements or provide an alibi to prove their innocence. 

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Hundreds of thousands of innocent people placed on the national DNA database… councils permitted to use anti-terror powers to spy for bin 'crimes'… driver registration details sold to cowboy clampers...

The Government's own shocking disregard for our civil liberties and privacy has been well-chronicled by the Mail. Now it emerges that – having amassed vast Big Brother databases which would be the envy of any totalitarian regime – Ministers plan to offer them to all our EU neighbours.

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Vorige week dinsdag werd een skimapparaat, een stukje huisvlijt om pinpasgegevens te stelen, aangetroffen op een NS-kaartjesautomaat in Alkmaar. De eerlijke vinder onderwierp de hardware aan een uitgebreid onderzoek. Skimapparaten worden gebruikt om nietsvermoedende mensen die middels een pinpas willen betalen hun pin af te troggelen. Over het algemeen worden ze voor de echte pinpasopening van ...

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State officials are to be given powers previously reserved for times of war to demand a person's proof of identity at any time.

Anybody who refuses the Big Brother demand could face arrest and a possible prison sentence. The new rules come in legislation unveiled in today's Queen's Speech.They are presented as a crackdown on illegal immigration, but lawyers say they could be applied to anybody who has ever been outside the UK, even on holiday. The civil rights group Liberty, which analysed clauses from the new Immigration and Citizenship Bill, called them an attempt to introduce compulsory ID cards by the back door.

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